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MY name is Lucy and I am a loveable Jack Russell cross bred Border terrier and I am 12 yrs old, so in doggy terms I am 80+...

I live in Bristol.
Don't most terriers?

A Jack Russell's life seems to be mainly 90% sleep,
5% feeding
4% walkies AND
1% absolute maniacal behaviour.

LIKE running around in circles in front of you while you try to put the black bag into the bin outside, OR rushing to the kitchen when you hit the switch to open the washing machine, OR else running to the front door letterbox when the postman delivers.


But that's a Jack Russell for you. Loveable!

I'VE written some more of diary notes and which I hope you will enjoy, along with the photos.

Visit me again soon!


Is summer here yet?


HOPE you are looking forward to better weather!

I am.

The Whitsun Bank Holiday was horrid. It rained some of the time.

But then: half term week was hot, hot hot.

Nice to go out.

Mummy is recovering from an op so Daddy is taking me out each morning.

Sometimes we see a cat and I give chase but always the cat hops over a fence or gate and gets away.

I like putting my nose in the hedges and having a good look round. Squirrels, pass this way. And a fox?




THE England Cricket team are back in action again. Sri Lanka and who's next?

And the football is over for a while. Well done Man Utd.
Hard luck England, but we may yet qualify for 2012.

Soon it will be Wimbledon again and strawberries and cream. Wonder how Murray will do.

Thoughts turning to holidays again.

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